G.I.F.T. Satelite Seminary School

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Meet the Professor, Dr. Donald "dd" Hayes

Portrait of Bishop Donald 'D.D.' Hayes.

Bishop Donald "DD" Hayes


  • Doctors of Philosophy in Theology, Covenant Bible Institute & Seminary, Louisville, KY (2010)

  • Doctors of Divinity Degree, (Honorary), Grace Valley Theological Seminary, Edinburg, TX (2003)

  • Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX (1996)

  • Masters in Religious Education, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX (1996)

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences/Psychology, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, TX (1993)

  • Bachelor of Ministry/Pastoral, International Seminary, Plymouth, FLA (1983)

  • Associate of Applied Sciences/Business Management, Air Force Community College, ALA (1989)

  • Associate of Bible Studies, International Seminary, Plymouth, FLA (1981)


  • Has completed over 3,000 plus hours in supervised counseling

  • Has over 20 years experience in lecturing in relationships

  • Has conducted seminars all over the world, specializing in relationships and family counseling

  • Conducts a monthly relationship seminar in Fort Worth, TX

  • Conducted family seminars in Harrogate and Luton, England

  • Prepare couples for marriage by taking them through an intense course entitled, “Prepare/Enrich”. I am also a certified Facilitator for this course

  • Is a certified Victim Relief Chaplain to handle victims of crime and terrorism

  • Is a certified National Community Crisis Response Team Member qualified to deal in national and international disasters

  • Been married for over 42 years to the same woman

  • Conducts self esteem and self motivation seminars

  • Spent 12 months as a co-counselor for the Freedom Counseling Center in Waxahachie, TX

  • Spent 12 months as a counselor for the Federal Medical Women’s Prison, in Fort Worth, TX

Equipping Leaders With the Knowledge of God's Everlasting Word

Just One of G.I.F.T. Goals

Every since G.I.F.T. Ministries started back in 1978 in Upper Heyford, England, our mission has always been to equip leaders for service. Now through our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, we're able to go even further in accomplishing this.

In January of 2014, The Gospel Inspirational Fellowship Tabernacle(G.I.F.T.), held it's first satelite seminary class through International Seminary of Florida. Every year following that first class, our classes has grown, along with the knowledge of God's Word.

In February of 2020, The Gospel Inspirational Fellowship Tabernacle(G.I.F.T.), partnering with the Word Aflame Theological College and Seminary, to begin it's first year of the satelite bachelor degree program. Once again, God has blessed and made away for His servants to be equipt and prepared to do His will!

Listed in the next section are the programs and courses offered at G.I.F.T. Ministries.

Picture seminary graduation students.

List of Studies

A List of the Study Courses that G.I.F.T. Satelite Seminary Currently Offers

Diploma's & Degree's

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Diploma of Practical Theology

Prerequisites: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required for college credit; however, those without a high school diploma may take the course for personal enrichment (without college credit).
Current tuition cost: $1,045.00*

First Year
Listed below are the subjects covered:

HO 101 – Homiletics

CD 101 – Doctrines of the Bible

CD 110 – Thanatology

BI 101 – Bible Translations

CD 111 – Dispensations

CH 101 – Early Church History

CD 112 – Eschatology

CD 113 – Tripartition of Man

CD 102 – Spiritual Gifts

PA 101 – Church Growth and Evangelism

Diploma of Advanced Practical Theology

Prerequisites: A high school diploma or the equivalent, and 30 earned, transferable, theological credits or completed the first year. Students without a high school diploma may take the course for personal enrichment, without credit.
Current tuition cost: $1,095.00*

Second Year
Listed below are the subjects covered:

BS 201 – Introduction to Old Testament

BS 202 – Introduction to New Testament

CH 201 – Survey of Church History

CP 210 – Introduction to Ethics

CC 201 – Christian Psychology

CD 201 – Introduction to Theology

CE 201 – Survey of Christian Education

MI 201 – Worship

PA 201 – Introduction to Pastoral Administration

CC 210 – Christian Counseling

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International Seminary Logo

Diploma: Graduate of Theology

Prerequisites: A high school diploma or the equivalent, and 60 earned, transferable, theological credits, or have complete the first and second year courses. This is the junior year of the bachelor degree.
Current tuition cost: $1,145.00*

Third Year
Listed below are the subjects covered:

BS 301 – Bible Survey

CD 303 – Doctrine of the Resurrection

CD 304 – Cosmic Ages

CD 305 – Spiritual Gifts

PA 302 – Church Administration

CC 301 – Marriage & Family

CD 307 – Doctrines

MI 302 – Ministry to the Community

CD 306 – Occult Doctrines

MI 304 – Ministry Trends

Associate of Arts in Ministerial Studies

Prerequisites: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required. Students enrolling will be required to read (or have read in the last two years) Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Students must have completed the Diploma of Practical Theology program and the Diploma of Practical Theology Advanced Level program.
Current tuition cost: $300.00

(Opitional After Second Year)
Listed below are the subjects covered:

RE 230 – Research Project

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College Logo

Bachelor Degree Of Theology

Prerequisites:The Bachelor of Theology program is a 36 credit program. Each student must have completed 90 credit hours in a combination of Religious Education, Ministry, Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Church History and Biblical Theology. The required textbook is listed after the course and a manual comes with each course.
The courses include several mini test within the manual. The final exam will be given at the end of the course. Each student is required to write and outline summary of 500 words (3-4 pages with a title page, types 12 pt., and double spaced with one inch margins). A thesis of 5000 words is required and 10 books must be used. The subject of the thesis should be taken from any one of the course you will cover in the Bachelor’s class.

Financial Responsibility: $1125.00*

The fourth-year Bachelor of Theology Degree is a 36 credit hour program
  • Per credit hour is $25 x 36 = $900.00
  • Registration is----------------$ 25.00
  • Manuals -----------------------$100.00
  • Graduation Fee ----------------$100.00
  • Total--------------------------$1125.00

  • *The price of textbooks is not included in the program tuition. Check online and online book vendors, because some textbooks are free.

Fourth Year Courses and Text Books
Listed below are the subjects covered along w/text books titles:

CD 307 - Demonology - Expelling Demons by Derek Prince (2 cr. Course 5 weeks)

CD 538 - Apologetics – Evidences that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell, The Book of Genesis (Students will read through the book of John and turn in an outline summary of 500 words 3-4 type written pages).

BI 505 - Hermeneutics – Biblical Interpretation by Williams W. Klein

CC 450 - Christian Counseling - Christian Counseling a Comprehensive Guide By Gary Collins

CD 350 - Eschatology - The End by Ron Rhodes (2 cr. Course 5 weeks)

PA 460 - Church Growth & Evangelism - The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman

CD 400 - Systematic Theology Doctrines - Doctrines of the Bible by William Evans

BS 315 - Old Testament Survey - Old Testament Survey by Norman Geisler

NT 407 - New Testament Survey - The Essence of the New Testament: Elmer Towns

CD 420 - Divine Healing – Healing School Manual, Healing The Sick by T. L. Osborne, The Ministry of the Believer (2 cr. Course 5 weeks)

CH 431 - Christian Minister I - The Ministry of Jesus, The Gospel of JOHN ( Students will read through the book of John and turn in an outline of 500 words 3-4 type written pages). This course gives understanding of the Great Commission and the fact that the believer must do the works of Jesus. This course will examine the works of Jesus and the dedication need to operate in the anointing and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (2 cr. Course 5 weeks)

RE 410 - Research Project (RP) - This is a research paper completed on one of the courses in the Bachelor program. The RP consist of 5000 words 20 type pages, double spaced.